Paddington Bear 2

Paddington Bear 2, I will not forget you.  Went to see you on a wet, windy afternoon, without the cover of children and I loved everything about you and this movie.  It was a joy watching you  and  your search for the perfect birthday present for dear Aunt Lucy's 100th birthday.  I really had no expectation of this film and I was aaah... so delighted and had this gooey warm feeling upon leaving the cinema. You are such a charming, decent and cute bear.   In the movie,  we see the power of good transcending the wickedness and pomposity of Phoenix Buchanan, played wonderfully by Hugh Grant, and the aggression and crankiness of  Knuckles McGinty, (Brendan Gleeson) a terrifying cook whose heart PB melts with his orange marmalade and sweet nature.